Curacao Liqueur Rum Raisin

Size: 50ml


Sale price€6,25 EUR

Step into the rich world of dark seduction with our Rum Raisin Liqueur. Carefully brewed with the essence of dark rum and juicy rum-soaked raisins, this refined and deeply aromatic spirit is known for its luscious flavor and deep, amber glow. Immerse your senses in the full notes of this liqueur and experience a luxurious taste sensation.


Deep Amber Color: Our Rum Raisin Liqueur stands out for its rich, amber appearance, which makes for an elegant and refined presentation.

Sumptuous Rum and Raisin Flavor: Enjoy the luxurious combination of the powerful, full-bodied flavor of dark rum, enriched with the sweet, fruity nuances of rum-soaked raisins. A perfect balance between sweet and spicy, with a hint of vanilla and a complex depth of flavor.

Versatility: This liqueur is the perfect addition for creating rich, deep cocktails and inventive mixed drinks. From a tempting Rum Raisin Old Fashioned to a decadent Rum Raisin Hot Chocolate, our Rum Raisin Liqueur brings a unique twist to every cocktail.

Craftsmanship: Precision-curated and with an unparalleled attention to quality, our Rum Raisin Liqueur guarantees a consistent and premium tasting experience.

Serving tips:

Add it to your Hot Chocolate for a warm, comforting treat on cold evenings. Combine it with ice cream for a decadent Rum Raisin Ice Cream Float. Experiment with various cocktails and desserts to develop your own signature creations. Whether you are a lover of refined drinks or simply enjoy a unique taste adventure, our Rum Raisin Liqueur is the ideal choice for any occasion. Be inspired by the deep flavors of rum and raisins and create unforgettable cocktails and desserts. Taste the essence of luxurious indulgence in every sip and make every moment a special occasion with Rum Raisin Liqueur.