The Genuine

Blue Curacao Liqueur

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Curacao Liqueur

Triple Sec.

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Est. 1896

About Senior&Co

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127 years of history

The Distillery



That is exactly what Curaçao liqueur has to offer - a tasteful journey to the Caribbean paradise, where taste and experience come together for an unforgettable experience. Let your senses dance and discover the magic of Curaçao liqueur!


Mixed Drinks

Blue Gin & Tonic

  • 30ml Blue Curaçao Senior&Co
  • Tonic
  • Ice
  • Cucumber

Tamarin Ginger

  • 30ml Tamarind Senior & co
  • Schweppes Ginger Ale
  • Ice
  • Slice of lime

Blue Orange Juice

  • 30ml Blue Curaçao Senior&Co
  • Orange Juice
  • Ice
  • Slice of Orange

This makes our liqueur special

The Laraha

A citrus fruit that you only find on Curacao...

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If you can't go to Curaç least for now...bring Curaçao to your home!

Mike Hogendorp

The best, original and one and only Blue Curaçao in the world.

Jasper Vermeulen

Countless application possibilities, an accessible taste and a real traditional story.

Entrance Magazine

Fantastic for making impressive cocktails

Femke de Graaf


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Cocktail Recipes

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Sparkling Mai Tai

Sparkling Mai Tai

So you have it traditional Mai Tai , the Royal Hawaiian Mai Tai , and now we have the Sparkling Mai Tai. The Sparkling Mai Tai is a tasty twist on the classic created by Martin Cate and served a...

Orange Margarita

Orange Margarita

Orange Margarita There is always a reason for a party! It is therefore important to always have 1 or 2 Margarita recipes on hand. Whether it's a classic Margarita , a Blue Margarita or this Oran...

Dushi Tamarèin

Dushi Tamarein

The word 'Dushi' stands for sweet and 'Tamarèin' means Tamarind. These words are written in the local language of Curaçao, Papiamentu. Tamarind is one of the most beloved and popular fruits on our ...