The distillation process

Het destillatieproces

The distillation and bottling procedure

The distillation and bottling process is done entirely by hand and takes approximately 17 days. The peels are placed in a burlap bag, spices are added and then the bag is hung in a heated copper still with 250 liters (66 gallons) of 96% pure and Kosher alcohol (derived from sugar cane) for 3 days at 150 degrees Celsius (302 Fahrenheit).

After cooling for 1 day, the jute bags are removed from the kettle, water is added, and distillation takes place for another 3 days at a constant temperature of 250 degrees Celsius (482 Fahrenheit).


After 1 distillation, 208 liters (55 gallons) of distillate are produced. Then we add 400 kg (828 pounds) of sugar and more water. The product is then filtered for 3 days to produce the clear Curaçao liqueur. To make our colored liqueurs, we add certified colorants.

The final product

To make our colored liqueurs, such as the orange version and the world-famous Blue Curaçao liqueur, we add certified colorants. The final step is to carefully fill the bottles, label them and lovingly seal them.

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