Curacao Liqueur Coffee

Size: 50


Sale price€7,65 EUR

Enter a world of deep aromas and rich coffee tones with our Senior&Co Coffee Liqueur. This refined and tasty drink, expertly prepared with quality coffee beans, is known for its intense coffee flavor and elegant dark appearance. Let yourself be carried away by the seductive charm of this liqueur and treat your senses to a special experience.


Deep Coffee Color: Our Senior&Co Coffee Liqueur is distinguished by its deep, dark coffee color, which provides a rich taste experience and a visually attractive presentation.

Rich Taste Experience: Enjoy the deep and complex flavors of freshly roasted coffee beans, combined with a hint of cocoa and a hint of caramel, which together form a perfect harmony.

Versatility: This liqueur is a fantastic addition to both hot and cold coffee drinks and desserts. From Espresso Martinis to Tiramisu, our Senior&Co Coffee Liqueur brings an authentic and enriched coffee flavor to every creation.

Craftsmanship: Made with care and passion, our Senior&Co Coffee Liqueur guarantees an authentic, high-quality coffee tasting experience.

Serving tips:

Mix it with warm milk for a luxurious café latte cocktail. Add it to your espresso for an enriched coffee experience. Experiment with different desserts to create your own unique coffee-inspired treat. Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or simply enjoy a delicious coffee drink, our Senior&Co Coffee Liqueur is the perfect choice for any occasion. Be inspired and surprise your senses with the deep, rich flavors of coffee.

Taste the essence of quality coffee in every sip and make every occasion a memorable moment with Senior&Co Coffee Liqueur.