Est. 1896


SINCE 1896

The history of Senior & Co.

Our history began in the year 1896 when the company Senior & Co, founded by Haim Mendes Chumaceiro (also known as Shon Inchi) and his business partner Edgar Senior, operated a drugstore in Curaçao called 'Botika Excelsior'.

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The Unique Laraha Orange

Shortly after conquering the island in 1499, the Spanish planned the agricultural development of Curaçao. One of the plants they carefully brought back from Spain during their long sea voyages was the so-called "Valencia" orange.

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The Distillation Process

Now that you know everything about our unique Laraha orange, it's time to learn more about the distillation process of the Real Curaçao Liqueur. Distilling our world-famous liqueur is a craft that we have perfected in every step of the process; from the moment we harvest our unique Laraha oranges, to pouring the liqueur into our exclusive bottles.

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